Centre for Maritime Safety


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About the Centre for Maritime Safety

The NSW State Government announced on 29 July (2016), at opening function of the Sydney International Boat Show, the establishment of the Centre for Maritime Safety to replace the former Port and Maritime Policy branch within Transport for NSW.

This move will bring a number of benefits that will flow-on to our boating industry and partners but also the public including:

  • An even more integrated, best-practice approach to safety and efforts to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the waterways
  • Increased efficiency through sharing skills, research and data systems
  • Increased proficiency in evidence-based safety policy and campaign development and delivery, and
  • Increased strategic collaboration to ‘safer systems’ applied to minimising fatalities and serious injuries.

These benefits will be gained while ensuring maritime safety retains a clear voice and advocacy role at a strategic level within both the State and National context, whilst working in collaboration with the operational agency RMS.

The Centre for Maritime Safety is responsible for evidence-based strategy, policy, and awareness campaigns, and key stakeholder relations for the Government’s maritime program, and RMS is responsible for operational delivery of boating infrastructure, services to the boating public and on-water compliance programs.

The Access and Reform team that was part of the former Maritime Management Centre will continue to provide strategic direction for maritime property and infrastructure through a separate team that remains co-located with the Centre for Maritime Safety but reports to the Executive Director, Innovation, Research and Reform. This recognises the need for innovative thinking to help develop programs and partnerships with local councils and other delivery partners to provide new and improved maritime infrastructure across NSW.