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Australian Builders Plate

Australian Builders Plate Image

Most vessels built from 1 July 2006, including imported vessels, must have an Australian Builders Plate (ABP) permanently attached at the time they are first purchased and first registered in NSW.

An ABP provides the purchaser of a new vessel with important information about the boat’s capacity and performance, and enhances the safety of passengers by providing safety information, including:

  • Maximum weight and power rating for outboard engines
  • Maximum person capacity, as a number of persons and total weight of persons
  • Maximum load weight that the boat can carry, including people and equipment
  • Buoyancy statement for boats less than six metres in length
  • Warning statements.

For more information on the Australian Builders Plate visit the Australia and New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG) website.

Displaying an ABP does not exempt vessels from the Hull Identification Number (HIN) requirement.

Have your say on the Australian Builders Plate Standard Review

The Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee (ARBSC), representing Federal, State and Territory marine regulators, formed an ABP Working Group in 2018. This Group has reviewed and drafted a proposed update to the ABP Standard.

The consultation phase is currently underway, and you have the opportunity to have your say on the proposed changes to the ABP standard on Marine Safety Queensland’s (MSQ) website, as they are currently the Secretariat of the ARBSC.

You’re are able to provide feedback until Friday, 31 January 2020 via the MSQ website, where you can also find information on the proposed changes and what this may mean for you.

For more information, email maritime@transport.nsw.gov.au.