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July 2020Boating Trauma and Compliance in NSW 2019 Report
July 2020 Recreational Boating in NSW 2019 Survey Results
November 2018PWC Engagement Strategy
November 2018Boating Participation Survey
November 2018Boating Participation Survey Executive Summary (accessible version)
January 2018Maritime Safety Plan 2017-2021 (pdf 2.86MB)
November 2017Boating Incidents in NSW: 10 year period to 30 June 2017 (pdf 2.5MB)
March 2017Boating Incidents in NSW: 10 year period to 30 June 2016 (pdf 3.2MB)
January 2017Indigenous Boating Safety Forum Report (pdf 2.2MB)
October 2016Indigenous Boating Safety Forum Report accessible version (pdf 489KB)
August 2016Personal Watercraft Stakholder Forum Summary Report (pdf 778KB)
January 2016Boating Incidents in NSW: Statistical Statement 2014-2015 (pdf 860KB)
March 2015NSW Boating Statement (pdf 256KB)
February 2015NSW Regional Boating Plans
December 2014Riverbank Vulnerability Assessment using a Decision Support System: Clarence River (Rogans Bridge to Ulmarra) (pdf 30.6MB)
December 2014Boating Incidents in NSW: Statistical Statement 2013-2014 (pdf 1.1MB)
October 2014Dive Safe Strategy (pdf 742KB)
October 2014Review of NSW Boat Driver Licensing (pdf 1.55MB)
August 2014Paddle Safe Strategy (pdf 194KB)
July 2014Boating Safety Plan: Sydney Harbour and its tributaries (pdf 2.3MB)
March 2014Moorings Review: Issues Paper (pdf 896KB)
December 2013Personal Watercraft Incidents, Compliance and Feedback in New South Wales (pdf 2.3MB)
December 2012Boating Incidents in NSW: Statistical report for the 10-year period ended 30 June 2012 (pdf 4.0MB)
November 2012Boating Safety Plan: Botany Bay, Georges River, Woronora River, Cooks River (pdf 18MB)
August 2012Maritime Policy Agenda (pdf 214KB)

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