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Maritime Safety Community Grant program

A grants program for organisations for initiatives supporting the Transport for NSW maritime safety program.


Programs or events which may be eligible for funding, will support key strategic Maritime Policy Agenda initiatives including the:

  • Lifejacket Awareness Campaign
  • Lifejacket Wear Initiative
  • Paddle Craft Safety Campaign
  • Safe Boating Education and Communication Strategy for NSW

Applications for a Maritime Safety Community Grant must demonstrate a clear and direct benefit to the boating and wider community.

To be eligible applicants must be either:

  • An individual with a current Australian Business Number (ABN) holder
  • A non-profit community based organisation
  • A local council
  • An incorporated entity (incorporated association or joint venture)
  • A statutory agency

The locally run projects contribute to increased safety awareness and understanding, and support safer waterway use through education of safer behaviours to reduced waterway trauma.

What is funding not available for?

Funding is not available for research projects or to cover the costs of staff to manage the project implementation.
Infrastructure already managed by councils or Roads and Maritime Services is also not available as there are other programs in place to fund these areas.

Who can apply for a grant?

Maritime Safety Community Grants are only available for NSW individuals and community based organisations.

Who can’t apply for a grant?

Maritime Safety Community Grants are not available for:

  • Research organisations
  • NSW Government Departments

How to apply for a grant?

Complete the Maritime Safety Community Grant application form and send to either:

  • maritime@transport.nsw.gov.au with the email subject Maritime Safety Community Grant application
  • Director, Centre for Maritime Safety, PO Box K659 Haymarket NSW 1240