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Marine Estate Management Authority

A new approach to managing the NSW marine estate.

The NSW marine estate includes coastal waters of the state out to three nautical miles. It includes estuaries, coastal lakes and lagoons, coastal wetlands and adjacent coastal lands influenced by oceanic processes including beaches, dunes, headlands and rock platforms.

The Marine Estate Management Authority (MEMA) was established in response to the Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks, commissioned by the NSW Government in 2011. The key role of the Authority is to set the strategic direction and priorities for the NSW marine estate through a Marine Estate Management Strategy.

In December 2014, the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 established MEMA as an advisory body and set the direction for its work which is underpinned by evidence of the social, economic and environmental aspects of the marine estate. MEMA will provide a coordinated approach to better manage the NSW marine estate as a single continuous system. Transport for NSW is a member of MEMA.

For more information about the Marine Estate Management Strategy and other MEMA initiatives, visit the NSW Marine Estate website.