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NSW Regional Boating Plans

Eleven Regional Boating Plans identifying priority boating safety, access and storage actions over the next five years.

In early 2015 Transport for NSW (TfNSW) released 11 Regional Boating Plans identifying boating safety, access and infrastructure actions needed to improve the boating experience in NSW. The plans were developed following an extensive consultation process in 2014 involving local councils, boating stakeholders and waterway users in each region.

Each plan includes an allocation of funds from Round One of the NSW Boating Now program to support the delivery of projects that have been identified as a priority for improving access to local waterways over the next three years. A total of 192 Priority Regional Projects have been identified across NSW. TfNSW and the NSW Maritime Division of Roads and Maritime Services are now working with Councils to finalise details of how these projects will be delivered.

Further information about the consultation process that informed the development of Regional Boating Plans is available at NSW Regional Boating Plans stakeholder engagement.

NSW Boating Statement

TfNSW has also released the first ever NSW Boating Statement which includes the full list of 192 Priority Regional Projects across the 11 Regional Boating Plans and information about how the projects were identified. The NSW Boating Statement also includes details about a number of Major Projects that are being developed in response to some of the common issues that were identified across NSW waterways during the Regional Boating Plan consultation process. Four categories of Major Projects have been identified:

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