Centre for Maritime Safety


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Boating statistics

It is vital to monitor, analyse and interpret statistics to better understand and respond to safety issues statewide.

The Centre for Maritime Safety works with boating data ranging from licence and registration trends, through to complaints and incidents statewide. This work helps to underpin the policy and strategic approach to support safe and responsible boating in NSW.

This analysis is helping to identify the broader regulatory and behaviour change programs for NSW. The evidence is that lifejackets are perhaps the single most important issue in preventing loss of life when boating and led to the major statewide campaign: Wear a Lifejacket – don’t risk your life.

"Fatal incidents per 100,000 registered recreational vessels by financial year: 2005=4.92; 2006= 3.82; 2007=6.09;2008=5.07; 2009=4.5; 2010=8.83; 2011=4.03; 2012=5.74; 2013=9.62; 2014=3.02; 2015=7.32; 2016=4.30