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Maritime Enhanced Enforcement Program

Safe and responsible use of the waterways helps ensure enjoyment for all.

Police on jet skis

While the majority of people do the right thing out on the water, there is a minority who either choose to ignore or flout the rules and regulations for safe navigation.

Anti-social, hoon or dangerous behaviour on the water not only spoils the experience of others, but puts innocent people at risk.

To respond to such behaviour and to keep our waterways enjoyable for all.

Transport for NSW, through the Centre for Maritime Safety, has established a Maritime Enhanced Enforcement Program in collaboration with NSW Police Marine Area Command.

Fact Sheet

View a fact sheet on the Maritime Enhanced Enforcement Program

Download the fact sheet

Transport for NSW funds this program to support Police in delivering more on-water compliance and enforcement hours and alcohol and drug testing.

Download the Boating incidents in NSW Statistical report for the 10-year period ended 30 June 2016

For more information on the Maritime Enhanced Enforcement Program, see our FAQs.