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Row safe

Rowing plays a part in the sporting culture of our nation.

Beyond its rich history, it’s a sport that undoubtedly demands a high level of fitness and coordination. But just like all other vessels on the waterways, if you’re part of the crew on a rowing vessel, you must obey some fundamental rules for safe navigation.

When you’re rowing, the essential rules are to be seen, keep a proper lookout and always keep to the right.

You can easily avoid most of the usual rowing issues that happen on the water by simply following some basic courtesy and having an understanding of the rules. The Row Safe video below will help you with:

  • rowing safety
  • rules of the waterways
  • waterway courtesy
  • keeping to the right
  • what to do when a ferry is approaching or departing a wharf
  • appropriate lighting and visibility of rowing vessels
  • rower’s and ferry aspect (what a real time view looks like)

The video also focuses on both the responsibilities and guidelines for support and coaching boats that operate near rowing crews.