Dive safe - scuba divers - video transcript

Narrator: When you're scuba diving it is important to be seen. When scuba diving from a boat you must display the mandated alpha flag, which needs to be at least 400mm by 400mm in size and at least 1 metre clear of the vessel’s superstructure. Whenever you fly the alpha flag it must be rigid. There are a number of ways that you can do this yourself.It is recommended that you also add a high-viz addition for extra safety and visibility. If you plan to dive far from your boat, you could consider deploying a float/flag combo tethered to your boat. It must be a least 2 metres above the water level. To help ensure skippers see the alpha flag, why not use a high-viz fluoro yellow/green flag to draw attention to it? When diving from shore it is recommended that you either tow a float/flag combination or secure a float/flag combination in the vicinity of your dive site. When you are ending your dive and you hear a boat close to where you are, do not surface until it is safe to do so and try to surface close to your float or flag. If you find that you have surfaced far from your boat you may need to inflate a safety sausage so that your boat driver and others can see you in the water. Be prop aware – and always keep an eye on the prop area to make sure you can safely re-board. If in doubt, ask the driver to turn off the engine while boarding. Take down your alpha flag when all divers are back on board the boat. Although you shouldn’t just rely entirely on your float and flag to protect you, the high viz addition to the mandated alpha will make you more visible to passing boat traffic. Use common sense and avoid areas of high boating traffic such as channels and busy wharves.

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