Dive safe - spearfishers - video transcript

Narrator: When you are spearfishing it is important to be seen. When spearfishing from a boat you must display the mandated alpha flag, which needs to be at least 400mm by 400mm in size and at least 1 metre clear of the vessel’s superstructure. When alpha is flown from a boat, nearby buoy or when towing a personal float flag combination the alpha flag must be ‘rigid’. This means that it can be a flag design on a firm board or be a flag held in a frame to ensure that the flag is visible even in calm conditions. Also remember that when alpha is flown from a nearby buoy, it must be a least 2 metres above the water level. Whichever way you chose to fly alpha, it is recommended that you add a high viz addition for extra safety and visibility. If you plan to swim away from your boat or the shore, it is recommended that you tow a personal flag and float. When you do, add a high viz flag and a high viz sock. Have a look at the difference between these two floats on the water. There are a number of ways that you can make a float and flag combination and even a high viz sock for your float. And here are some variations that you may see. If you choose to make a 2m flag and float combo you can do it like this. If you're in the water, watch out for any boat traffic – always listen and look around as you ascend. Ideally, you should dive with a buddy and practice ‘one up – one down’. That way there is always someone on the surface looking out for boats. In any case, don’t just rely entirely on your float and flag to protect you. Use common sense and avoid areas of high boating traffic such as main channels and approaches to boat launching sites. When you are coming back to your boat be prop aware – and always keep an eye on the prop area to make sure you can safely re-board. If in doubt ask the driver to turn off the engine while boarding. Take down your alpha flag when all spearos are back on the boat.

End of transcript.