Latest styles in lifejackets - video transcript

[Caption: Wear a lifejacket - it never ruined a day on the water.]

Nicole Livingstone, Olympic Medallist: If you are heading on to the water this summer wear a lifejacket - the stylish range of new generation lifejackets might just surprise you. Let's check out the summer fashion and talk about the importance of lifejacket safety.

[Caption: Stylish, sleek fit and comfortable]

Howard Glenn, Maritime Management Centre General Manager: Working together over the years we've achieved ninety nine percent a people on boats carrying a lifejacket on board board but sometimes less than one in three wearing them and what we're trying to show now is the range of styles that are available. Some people still think it is the old block of cheese that they've got under the deck and it's so far from the truth now with brought colours, sizes and shapes that don't get in the way but are there when something goes wrong. A lifejacket won't save your life if you're not wearing it and so we want people to be wearing them throughout and now there's really no excuses because there's something that's comfortable for everyone.

[Caption: Modern, lightweight manual inflatable]

Mark Hutchings, Commander, Marine Area Command, NSW Police: Marine Area Command along with other emergency services attend to over two and a half thousand incidents a year. Over many years in this job I've seen hundreds of incidents where boats have capsized and people have survived purely because they are wearing a lifejacket. The message is that 9 out of 10 times if you go into the water wearing a lifejacket you will survive and you'll give us time to get out there and you give us time to get out there and rescue you.

Nicole Livingstone: New generation life jackets are proving to be extremely popular as demonstrated by the huge amounts of old lifejackets being exchanged in the Transport for New South Wales Old for New initiative. The mobile lifejacket van has visited over 150 locations across New South Wales. Through the old for new initiative over four and a half thousand lifejackets have been swapped over and replaced for the new life jackets.

[Caption: Comfortable and stylish for paddlers]

Nicole Livingstone: How are you feeling in this one?

Woman wearing lifejacket: Yeah it is extremely comfortable.

Nicole Livingstone: This is one of our active ones as well. So this is Rob. Rob is wearing our fishing new generation lifejacket. Tell me the best thing about this lifejacket.

Rob: This lifejacket it very light. It has loads of pockets for my sinkers, my lures, everything that I possibly need.

Nicole Livingstone: For things like stand up paddling these belt style lifejackets well they're easy to use aren't they and they look pretty good. So if you're out on the boat this summer make sure you wear a lifejacket. It never ruin the day on the water.

[Caption: Modern, safe and easy to wear styles for children.]

[Caption: Wear a lifejacket - it never ruined a day on the water.]

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