Paddle safe - be safe be seen - video transcript

[Two kayaks on water: one is orange and the other is a dull green colour.]

Narrator: Check out the difference between these kayaks. Which are easier to see? The clothing and equipment you choose makes a big difference to how visible you are to others. Put yourself in the skipper’s seat of a powerboat.

[Boat approaching two kayaks. The kayak on the left is red and the kayaker is wearing bright clothing].

The kayak on the left is much more visible. And in glary conditions or when the sun is low on the water be aware how hard it is for a boat skipper to see you. At night or dusk, make sure you have lights. You must display a white light or torch sufficiently to show others where you are and to avoid a collision. You want to be able to seen from every direction.

[Three kayaks on water at night-time; two have very bright lights; the other is hard to see due to dull light.]

See how the brighter lights really stand out?

End of transcript.