Paddle safe - know the rules - video transcript

Narrator: Paddlers have to share the waterways with much bigger and more powerful craft. Do you know how to navigate waterways safely? It’s up to everyone to be safe and avoid a collision. What side do you pass another boat on? Unlike the road, on the water you should keep to the right of the waterway - starboard – wherever possible. Stick to the shorelines where you can to avoid other craft. What if you need to cross? Pick the narrowest point to cross, and choose a starting point where you can see clearly in both directions. As you cross, stick together as a group, and keep a lookout. Navigation markers are used to show craft where they can safely navigate harbours and protected waters. Channels are marked by green starboard markers on the right and red port markers on the left as you go upstream. Where possible try to paddle outside of these channels like these paddlers are - to keep out of
the way of other boats. If you have to paddle in the channel, stay to the right hand side and keep close to the edge. Always avoid the middle of the channel. At other times it might be safest to stay closer to the shore even if it means being on the left hand side of the channel. Do you know where the shipping lanes are? Have you any idea how fast large vessels can travel? You could never out-paddle this ship. So avoid commercial traffic, know where the shipping lanes are and paddle clear of them. If you need to cross a shipping lane, you can’t assume you will be seen. Wait till it is safe to cross and always cross well behind larger craft. Keep well clear of the boat-wash. Kayaks and canoes should give way to any craft under sail. Always aim to cross behind othercraft.

End of transcript.