Paddle safe - know your limits - video transcript

Narrator: It’s all about paddling within your limits – and that includes your craft, your experience, the conditions on the day and your level of skills. Taking lessons improves your skills and confidence. Be realistic about your fitness and capabilities. Know your own strengths and weaknesses – and those of the others in the group. Don’t travel too far and save strength for the return journey – conditions might be harder on the way home. Learn about what you can do to get yourself out of trouble if you capsize. There are many ways you can rescue yourself, and practice makes perfect! Take some lessons in how to rescue others. It is safer to paddle in a group, and so long as you stay close by you can assist each other. If you stick within your own limits, you will enjoy your paddling more. Here’s some of the key points for safe and enjoyable paddling: wear a lifejacket; Be seen, be safe; Know the boating rules; Pass to the right; Stick to the shore lines; Keep a lookout and cross safely; Keep your equipment maintained; Plan your trip around the conditions of the day; Learn skills to make yourself safe. Keep safe – and have fun paddling. To find out more about safe paddling to go: Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group

End of transcript.