Pete Goss - emergency response - video transcript

Pete Goss: If you get into difficulty in Australian waters you need to activate your 406 EPIRB or transmit a distress call on your radio. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre in Canberra will receive your distress signal and be notified of your situation. The Centre operates 24 hours a day and will coordinate your rescue or delegate the role to the relevant regional police organisation. During an emergency make sure everybody on board is wearing a life jacket listen carefully to the instructions being given by your rescuers and above all stay calm. Travelling the world's oceans is a truly breathtaking and rewarding experience when on any stretch of water you can be exposed to foul weather and potential danger. Remember you are the skipper, you are responsible. Plan, prepare, check the weather forecast regularly, log on to the Marine Radio Network when you leave port and don't forget to log off when you're safely home.

End of transcript.